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Advanced Microprocessor controlled indicator, telling slope in percent as you work. Up to 5%.

Green middle LED tells perfect level. 2 steady Yellow LED to the right indicates 2 percent slope to the right. Two steady and number 3 blinking, tells 2,5 percent, etc.

Battery lasts around 40 effective hours at 20℃. This will of course vary a bit with temperature.

Operational temperature range is from -10℃ to +60℃

Charging temperature is from 0℃ to +50℃ (Battery temp sensor will deny charging if out of range)

One single pushbutton for all functions.

Quick push for on/off. If no movement for 10 minutes, it shuts off to save battery. Just push the button again to start.

Holding pushbutton for 3 seconds will start calibration mode. This is indicated with flashing yellow LEDs and a steady green center LED. Please see our YouTube tutorial (QR code on box). You should calibrate after changing blades or mounting the indicator to other tools. Indicator can not know if the blade is straight or not. Calibrating will fix this.

Like everything else, the indicator may expand or subtract a bit with temperature. Calibration could then be a bit off. If you suspect this, just calibrate it again.


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