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After more than 25 years in construction and related services you find a lot of bottlenecks. Hundreds of times you think "there has to be an easier way". It's time to give innovation a few nudges forward.


Solid innovative tools. It may lead to new techniques that some may find threatening.

So be it.

We don't build for the past.

We build for you.


Designing, prototyping and launching tools & stuff that you guys want. Innovation will be on your premises, and real life testing is done by you. Join in if you have a great idea!!

Rock Solid Innovation

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To all you boys and girls

building a better world:

Thank You.

Don't worry about quality or performance. 

Tools designed by you, for you.

Number One Up



intelligent surface levelling hand tool, to make water run where it is supposed to.

ProScreeder™ is now up for real life testing. We need to know it will perform in hostile environments.

How to get it?


If things go according to plan, you can get it where you normally get your hardscaping tools, pavers, and other things of the trade.

Estimated launch is 2019.

The Story of ProScreeder™

The Reason


After years of working with pavestones, lawns, concrete and asphalt, you find that this method is quite similar to how they did in ancient Rome!!

How can we make a better day for hundreds of thousands of people. That moment right there was the starting point of ProScreeder™

The Start-Up


Gather some steel and some cheap bubble levels and start working. Version 1 done. Testing the concept in a gravel driveway. Looks promising. Refining it to perform a little better. We're on to something.

The Investigation


What have we got? Does it exist already? Is there a hidden patent or some kind of protection that we don't know about? The jungle of IPR, legality, licenses and copycats is thick and unyielding. Thousands of links and good advices, but you have to walk alone. Or you can pay someone to help you.

The Progress


Version 2 under construction. Mechanical solution to tilt the level. After a lot of tiny detailing, version 2 is tested. Too unstable, and almost impossible to set to specific percentage. 

Version 3 is lessons learned, and a new mechanical solution does the trick. Twist the top handle one turn to get one percent. Markings on the handle to see percentage.

The Refinement


It's time for refinement. Bubble levels are too small to work with in daylight. Almost impossible to see from a distance. They also don't like being dragged through bumpy ground. Bubble splits up and starts lying. What can we do to make it more solid and trustworthy. Now that the concept is proven we look for other ways to tell the slope.

The Result


Version 4. Designing an electronic indicator small enough to fit, big enough to read, impact resistant, waterproof, correct and intuitive. After months of work, we finally got it right. Now it's time to design the right blades. Rounded, sharp and jagged.

ProScreeder™ enters Protective Mode:

Pat.Pending: PT20180563

Design: DS 20180463 / WIPO 76505

Some visuals

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