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Limited stock!
Machine screeding companion!
We get a few of these magnetic attachments by the end of october. Perfect fit for Indicator. Just snap it on your machine bucket or screeder and level on.
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15% faster forward. The PS-2020 collection elevates you to Worklife 2.0. Enjoy.

Smarten up guys!

Maximize your performance with smarter tools

Stop crawling around – work upright. Save your back and knees for other jobs. Stay in control of slope as you move along.

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Circularity matters!

Sustainable future through sustainable production

A major part of Sandtools vision includes lowest possible eco-footprint throughout business. Recycled aluminum in our tools, and zero plastic in packaging. Recycle it forever.

Why Sandtools?


Screeding made playfully easy!! Sandtools has taken the hard part out of the job. Working upright with full control of slope. The tool is light weight and rigid. The triangular shaft give us max grip, and minor adjustment in slope can easily be done. Various quick-mounted blades let us do different jobs with one single tool. Intuitive, easy to calibrate. Excellent product!

Stig Morgan - Lundhaug Landskap AS

The screeding tool from Sandtools is brilliant. Both genius and simple. Easy to work with, easy to change blades, and easy to clean after dirty jobs. I used it to get the sand correct before pavestones, and to level out dirt and soil before premade lawn arrived. Everything now looks professional, and my neighbours are impressed by the result!

This is a must-have tool for everyone really. Easily worth the money!

Arnt Myren - Private DIY guy

Using this tool on a daily basis after I first got my hands on it. Makes me work faster, more efficient, and extend the lifetime of my knees. I truly recommend everyone to try out Sandtools screeding tools.

Kenneth - Landskapsentreprenørene AS